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against the truck cartel

Compensation for truck buyers with no risk and no effort

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If successful, possibly more than 10,000 euros per truck.

No risk

Our class action lawsuit is 100% funded. Commission is paid only in the event of success.

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LitFin will guide you through the entire process. Effortlessly for you.

Our offer

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For companies that bought or leased heavy or medium-duty trucks from the manufacturers Daimler, MAN, Volvo / Renault, DAF, Iveco, or Scania between 01/1997 and 12/2014, there is a prospect of receiving a substantial amount of compensation amounting to several thousand euros.

For affected companies, LitFin offers risk-free participation in a lawsuit in Netherlands or an attractive buy-out opportunity.

Our offer to clients is based on a choice between two alternatives:

1) Financing your claims: LitFin assumes all process costs and the entire process management and only receive a commission in the event of success.

For the truck owner this means:

•Longer process

•Higher possible compensation

2) Buy-out of your claims: If you’re not willing to wait or don’t believe the decision will be favorable, we can agree on buying out your claims from you.

For the truck owner this means:

•Guaranteed compensation right away

•No waiting for the final court decision

The truck cartel

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With two decisions in July 2016 and September 2017, the European Commission imposed record fines totaling around 3.8 billion euros on the major European truck manufacturers Daimler, MAN, Volvo / Renault, DAF, Iveco and Scania.

The most fundamental and latest information is from this February when the European Court of Justice rejected the appeal of Scania, which consequently failed in its fight against the European Commission’s decision from 2017, which stated that Scania was also a member of the cartel, just like the other major brands already mentioned.

Between 1997 and around the beginning of 2011, the manufacturers made agreements in violation of antitrust law on prices and gross price increases for the heavy and medium-duty trucks they manufactured and sold in the European economic area. In addition, the cartel members made agreements on the schedule and the transfer of costs for the emission protection standards Euro 3 to 6. 

MAN had uncovered the cartel as a key witness. The truck manufacturers have admitted the allegations and accepted the fines in a settlement procedure with the European Commission. Scania is the only manufacturer still suing the European courts against the fine.

Our actions in Germany and the Netherlands

LitFin is successfully leading a truck cartel class actions in the Netherlands and Germany where we submitted claims for more than 30,000 trucks

LitFin will file another lawsuit in the Netherlands, this time against Scania. Dutch courts are among the most commonly used courts for competition damage claims. Therefore, if you decide to cooperate with us and have a valid contract, you may be entitled to compensation for one to two years.

Our legal proceedings are conducted by the reputable law firm Stek Advocaten B.V. (Stek Lawyers).


Participation in our group action lawsuit


Participation in our lawsuit in Netherlands is easy:

  • Choose between the buy-out and claim financing options. 

  • Provide us with evidence of the purchase/lease of your vehicles. 

  • Sign a contract with us.

We’ll take care of everything else.


The registration form

Frequently asked questions

Who is LitFin?

LitFin specialises as a litigation financier in complex legal disputes and in particular in antitrust damage proceedings.

We have a diverse portfolio of clients. Our clients range from small businesses to large international corporations, they come from a wide variety of industries, and span across all of Europe. Besides the Truck Cartel case, we are also funding other projects such as the German Toll case and the Pesticide Cartel case.

LitFin itself is structured as a private alternative investment fund with a cap of 100 million euros and is registered with the Czech National Bank in Prague.

Only three years since its inception, LitFin has been ranked for in the Chamber and Partners Litigation Funding guide. This puts us among the best funders in the EU.

Visit for more information.

What does LitFin offer?

We offer you a reliable and tested litigation procedure in Netherlands that is quick and effective. Our previous Truck Cartel case in the Netherlands is one of the largest lawsuits against the Truck Cartel in Europe, with a volume of more than 250 million euros.

The lawsuit that we are currently preparing in Netherlands will benefit from our management of the ongoing proceedings and our acquired experience. Our German lawsuit is being led by the renowned law firm Stek Advokaten B. V.

Why do I even need a group action instead of handing the case over to my own attorney?

A lawsuit is only promising if it is supervised by specialized lawyers and competition economists. Such specialists are very expensive (usually 6 digits for a procedure), which is why an isolated claim is usually only worthwhile for very large amounts of compensation.

The lawsuits of individual, small customers against the truck cartel, which so far failed in Netherlands, were often carried out by non-specialized law firms. In addition, if you go directly to a lawyer, you usually have to pay the high costs.

What are the advantages of working with LitFin?
  1. The lawsuit is going to be filed in the Netherlands courts which are known to give very effective and enforceable judgments.

  2. The lawsuit is represented by the renowned and specialized law firm MMG Stek Advokaten B. V. The experts at Stek Advokaten B. V. are experienced in antitrust law and familiar with the case itself.

  3. The lawsuit is being financed by an established litigation financier (LitFin) at attractive participation conditions.

  4. Due to the nature of litigation finance, the process is risk-free for the client. In the event of an adverse judgment, LitFin takes care of all the costs of the litigation and the client doesn’t pay anything.

When does LitFin plan to file the group action lawsuit?

LitFin plans to file the lawsuit in the first quarter of 2025.

What happens after I register with LitFin?

We will contact you either by phone or email and make an e-appointment by phone. We talk through the process and details of the procedure. You will then receive all relevant information and documents in writing so that you can decide whether to join the lawsuit or sell us your claims directly.

What is the next step after I have sent the documents?

We check the documents we receive from you for completeness and plausibility. Unless we have any queries, we will either integrate your claims into our lawsuit or buy-out your claim at an agreed price per truck, depending on your choice. Of course, we will keep you informed about the status of the procedure.


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